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Welcome to the Creator Support Center. Here you can find resources to various Creator tools and information.

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If you have a general question that you'd like ask a fellow Creator community member, please visit the Creator discussion forums.

If you need help on how to make a product please check out the Creator Education Center. If you need other help please click here to view IMVU help and FAQ system. If you need additional help, please click here to go to the IMVU Help Center.

IMVU Specific Tools

At IMVU you are required to use Create Mode and, subsequently, the Editor to submit 3D content to IMVU. Create Mode is a mode within IMVU which enables you to manipulate existing or import new product assets to create a product and submit it to the catalog.

Supported 3rd Party Tools

2D Images - Any 2D program that supports the following file formats will work with IMVU: JPG, PNG, GIF.

Flash - You can author a flash application using any Flash development environment. If you want to attach your flash asset to a 3D product, just open an Editor from Create Mode, Derive from a furniture product and click the 'Add .SWF' button in the Config tab.

3D Objects - If you are creating a 3D object, IMVU currently officially supports the following applications: 3ds Max 2007-2017.