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“! ~ ~ Where Furries are Furrylicious ~ ~ !”

Welcome to the Furrylicious Furry comunity, Where all furrys and furry friendly creatures are welcome, Please enjoy your stay, you can play games, chat, post your stuff, check out the shops, and more.

Membership: Open
Group Owner: Kaybi
Category: Fun & Other Stuff
Date Formed: 2010-07-21 12:09:45
Members: 736

The Soapbox


- There is a "Wanna open a Thread" thread so don't open threads before asking.
- GA only
- Respect others
- Helpfull critiques are accepted but don't abuse
- Do not ask to be a mod, I choose them
- Everyone is allowed to join as long as he/she follows these rules
- Dont start drama within the group, if you have a problem with a member please take it in private
- If there is a member abusing anything please notify the owner or the moderators
- More rules to come soon.

Thanks and enjoy :)

Group Owner:

Make sure to submit all your Furry meshes to Furry Derivables!

Active Members

    Little Bat. Brats Pink Bow Brats White Paw pokes you !! I dont wanna brag but ill be the best you ever had. See you there Well are you True say
    Blunt DeliciousMango Products 2 DeliciousMango Products 3 DeliciousMango Products 4 DeliciousMango Products 5 ...
    [Zlix] Destiny Player . extin ction . Enderman Love Lies Petsâ¥Extinction Petsâ¥Extinction2
    Owl Love ViceRose xLyynus Pan Flag True Furry Developer
    HanaYakoshi Productions TatsumaYakoshi Productions Yakoshi Part1 Yakoshi Part2 TatsumaYakoshi Aka Badge Sun Kanji Tatsuma Part1 Tatsuma Part2 Hes Mine Only You
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    Dreams-Sometimes you wake up from a dream, sometimes you wake up in a dream. And sometimes every once in awhile you wake up in someone else/s dream. I love my Customers by PirateHoneyViper ARHABY PRO-1 ARHABY PRO-2 lol bye BD SM
    Unicorn Cake Mew Sugar-Coated Tentacle Moon Kitten Faith in Emerz
    I love your face. Pastel Skull Tentacle pt.1 Tentacle pt.2 Unicorn Teacup Tentys Shooting Star Squeaks Tama Kitty Sandwich
    Bong Hes so cute! She makes me feel alive A friend indeed! Pan Flag fite me
    SteamBall Badge Team Rocket! Fiery E by xX1spacey1Xx Kaybi supporter! LibbyLove I~ L~ lovelys
    Moon & Bats Three Drops of Blood

Quick Post


xXinfamouswolfXx: hey guys hope to meet new friends all mine on here no loger get on :(

leAshxx: New member, add me if you like? ♥

victoriaxxxkiss_disabled_32488923: hello all i have juse jone and hop to meet som new ppl ^^

Guest_WoLfI3Overlarwd: hey gus i juss joined this group add mee XD

JabberJelly: Eyo~ member 666<- like that's not going to bite me in the butt later on .- .

Cosmic: Offering a free furset in the group Furry Pride

Guest_RaveFireFox: Hello

Guest_CutieCrystalian_retired_138374523: Hello every one :) how are you all doing :)

Guest_Drdave1997: hello ^_^

Guest_NotYourQueen2k5_retired_162049367: hello all

Guest_Sipheris_retired_158594552: Het. Im kinda new so i have no idea what im really doing. Its my first time on this heh heh.

LassyFenn: Heya all, I am back as well!! Hit me up for a chat

Guest_lucariox12_156522886_retired_156522886: hello

KashinamiY: im back...after two years im back. for the reason...heh i got in trouble so i had no access. forg...

PillpsRed: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD Morning all or evening :)

VarhusHensler: Hi all, New Member x(

Flokimo_disabled_89191132: Don't forget to vote on the winter group display! ♥

Guest_ImAHoovian_152749725_retired_152749725: hi :D

FluffehReikon: -says shyly as a puppy- happy new yeaw

Guest_MontanaDuskWolf: A quick shout out to all you furs to say "hello!" XD

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