Lovely Country Home Anim 1,300 credits
by AtellieCelGaya Date Added: Monday 28 May, 2018
All rooms usually have hundreds of furniture placement points, and each of these points can receive one or more furniture and for this reason, even if you think you are placing a furniture in the right place, it may be anchored at the wrong point. This will not make any difference to most points, but in the case of special points like those that have movement (such as car, boat and motorbike points in my rooms), incorrect placement will make them not work.

As not everyone knows the correct way to put furniture (especially if they are furniture with special points), I suggest that you follow the following script to avoid errors:

1 - Place the avatar at the point closest to where you want to place the piece of furniture.
2 - Put the furniture.
3 - If you are away from the desired place, drag the mouse with the mouse to the point closest to the desired place WITHOUT PRESETING THE Ctrl key.
4 - After placing in a near point (if it is a special point with movement the point must be exactly the mark for that purpose), adjust the furniture by moving it or turning it with the help of the Ctrl or Alt keys to be in the position , direction and correct direction (if it is in a special point the mobile must be in the same direction of the arrows that mark the point)

Repeat these procedures with the remaining furniture.

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Lovely Country Home Anim