A magical place for love and romance

Welcome to the very charming midnight square! A romantic place where lovers can come to enjoy each other's company in a beautiful and quaint town square setting. Surrounded by red, falling leaves of autumn, falling stars in the night sky, and butterflies fluttering their beautiful wings this place is absoulutely gorgeous. Enjoy these items as you fall madly in love with the charm of Romance at Midnight!

  • A tree swing for you and your loved one to share a romantic ride on.
  • Roses, trees and plants to give the midnight square that ultimate sense of romance.
  • Stone dining tables to have a romantic dinner or even just a chat.
  • Take your loved one for a midnight stroll through the square down the stone walkway.
  • Get cuddly with some very cute poses in the charming gazebo or one of the many park benches.
  • Take your lover for a bit of adventure and solitude as you make your way to the center of the labyrinth.

Fall madly in love when you experience Romance at Midnight!


Furniture and Room Details (Created by: medeyax)

M! midnight square

M! midnight butterflies

M! midnight swing

M! midnight roses 2

M! midnight plant

M! midnight stone table

M! midnight stone walk

M! midnight fall stars

M! midnight fountai pose

M! midnight tree

M! midnight bench

M! midnight gazebo

M! midnight labyrinth

M! midnight tree swing



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