The Flying Dutchman (Created by medeyax)
According to ancient folklore, the Flying Dutchman is a ship that�s doomed to sail the seas for eternity. Its crew is that of the undead, all of which can never go home. Cursed to a life on the high seas, the Flying Dutchmen bring misery to all who cross their watery path. Come role play as Captain Jack on his mission to break the curse of The Flying Dutchman!
    This wretched bundle includes:
  • Four different animated monsters, who stand in your way towards breaking the curse.
  • A ghost ship, which travels silently across the ocean and is surrounded by a paranormal tunnel of sea water. Watch the eerie rays of light shine through this spooky vessel!
  • A captain's chest, which contains his still beating undead heart; this is the key to breaking the curse!
  • A crazy crew of the Flying Dutchman; beware being captured by them, as they have many ways to torture you!
  • A high powered moon cannon; use it to fend off all the dangerous ghosts who are trying to harm you!

Set sail�aboard The Flying Dutchman... but beware it's terrible curse!

Furniture and Item Details
M! bloodymoon angel
M! bloodymoon monster
M! bloodymoon skylights
M! bloodymoon coral couc
M! bloodymoon ship II
M! bloodymoon siren
M! bloodymoon octopuss
M! bloodymoon chest
M! bloody moon rack anim
M! bloodymoon ship wheel
M! bloodymoon wheel anim
M! bloody moon barrel
M! bloodymoon sea tunnel
M! bloody moon tendrils
M! bloody moon canon
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