Run your own video production studio with your friends at IMVU's Hexagon Studios! This video studio, brought to you by the Cassiopeian Design Partnership, gives you 6 themed studio sets, including a green screen room for people who love making real videos from their IMVU experiences! Here are the other sets you have to work with:
  • Moon Landing Set
    A low-gravity set that's out of this world. Jump in one moon crater and fly out of another!
  • Public Park Set
    Get romantic, and even propose to someone, in Cassiopeian Park. You can toggle the seasons between Spring and Fall with trigger words that change the colors of trees and bushes: bfall, tfall, bspring, tspring.
  • News Studio Set
    Don't just watch the news; be the news! Report live on the latest events on IMVU News First, your own news studio.
  • Live Performance Set
    Make beautiful music to the crowd. Put on a show with a band and your backup singers on this set featuring a raised stage set.
  • Dance Club Set
    Turn heads with your moves on the dance floor... or dance platform! Multiple dance animations will keep everyone entertained.
Developers can make additions to the studio sets to mix 'n' match, so users will be able to change the set backgrounds and layout to create customized scenes for their videos! It's hextastic!
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Note: YouTube video created by Cassiopeian Design Partnership
The Hexagon Studios Bundle includes:
Hexagon Studios (with all 6 video sets)
20,000 IMVU credits!

ONLY $24.99

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