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  • Proprietário: PayneFreohrEldunari
  • Categoria: IMVU
  • Tamanho: 1 membro
  • Ativo: 1 horas atrás

A Realm for Everyone to come and Roleplay. Have fun, learn and meet like-minded Rpers. Beginner, Novice or Advanced Roleplayers are Welcome. Let us all learn from one another.. RP ONLY. NO DRAMA.

NewPost by PayneFreohrEldunari on 12/14/2017 12:14:21am
 Royal Ranking List
"Emperor, Empress Your (Royal) Majesty, My Lord/L..."

  • Proprietário: NyteViolaNyx
  • Categoria: Role-Playing
  • Tamanho: 25 membros
  • Ativo: 1 horas atrás

Amour Endeavours

NewPost by NyteViolaNyx on 12/14/2017 12:12:25am
 Re: • Ornvile •

  • Proprietário: Seuchi
  • Categoria: Entretenimento & Arte
  • Tamanho: 302 membros
  • Ativo: 1 horas atrás

PAYPAL ONLY GROUP. Avi edits, paints and repaints. Unicorns, anime and mermaids ♥

NewPost by Seuchi on 12/14/2017 12:10:21am
 Sticky: Re: [SHOP]REAL ART/ PAINTS 0/4 [OPEN]

  • Proprietário: XeraKalendae
  • Categoria: Role-Playing
  • Tamanho: 11 membros
  • Ativo: 1 horas atrás

Come into a universe rich in history, chaos, warfare, comedy, horror, and sheer randomness.

NewPost by FfejnotJeff on 12/14/2017 12:10:04am
 Sticky: Re: Rules:
"Signed by Aemma's pet and the Hybrid Jeff."

This is an art group where creators and artists of all kinds can come together to buy, sell, and show off their art in a friendly environment. We hope you enjoy your stay.

NewPost by Morvium on 12/13/2017 02:54:53pm
 Re: [LAYOUTS] ☠ Cyanide Graphics ☠ - NEW LAYOU...
"[center][size=10px][b]@Means - Accepted! You may s..."

  • Proprietário: Jojiris
  • Categoria: Entretenimento & Arte
  • Tamanho: 1706 membros
  • Ativo: 1 horas atrás

.:A -back gathering place for art warriors & creative individuals:.

NewPost by Tavros on 12/13/2017 11:55:40pm
 Sticky: Re: ❄Winter Wonderland Auction❄
"@ Winners Please will you PM proof or provide pr..."

  • Proprietário: Radovann
  • Categoria: Role-Playing
  • Tamanho: 5 membros
  • Ativo: 1 horas atrás

Misiones. Personajes. Cronicas.

NewPost by Radovann on 12/14/2017 12:01:50am
"Los Caminos son nuestras filosofías, nuestr..."

  • Proprietário: Nycrosis
  • Categoria: Role-Playing
  • Tamanho: 30 membros
  • Ativo: 1 horas atrás

Divided by blood

NewPost by Obscurity on 12/14/2017 12:01:05am
 Re: [Celeneos] Red Village

  • Proprietário: Guest_DemonVishra
  • Categoria: Role-Playing
  • Tamanho: 2 membros
  • Ativo: 1 horas atrás

The DWMA, while a military organization, is an academy created by the Grim Reaper himself in order to teach and supervise young Meisters and Weapons to prevent an uprising of another Kishin.

NewPost by Guest_DemonVishra on 12/13/2017 11:59:17pm
 Sticky: Re: Rules
"[center][size=20px][b][u]Combat & Death[/u][/b..."

for ppl who like fnaf also ppl who like to share fnaf badges and stickers plz share and also share gifts also rp

NewPost by Guest_cosmodragons on 12/13/2017 11:57:31pm
 makeing a fnaf chat room
"for all of yous fnaf ppl out there im going to nee..."

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