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“Is Freedom really worth dying for”

Well it has been 300 years the world has had to fight for there freedom....there is a man to the humans and a vampire to the rest of us a war broke out between the humans and us most of them are gone.

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Date Formed: 2008-12-31 18:27:19
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The Soapbox

The first war broke out in 2547 ad humans lost the war over the king they didnt want him to be the ruler but he is now. Now the last of the humans have joined with us to kill off the one that is ruling over the world now none of us want him we thought he would be good now we want him dead....

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Guest_Ashgirl82_retired_26255272: how was everyones christmas

Fahrai: Happy belated birthday!!! :D

Guest_Ashgirl82_retired_26255272: I am 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guest_Ashgirl82_retired_26255272: that maybe but there is tons of home work

Fahrai: From every source I've heard, senior year is supposed to be pretty fun.

Guest_Ashgirl82_retired_26255272: this is my last year how do you think i feel

Fahrai: Oh, yippee... >.> This year's going to be hectic.

Guest_AnNaBaNaNa1012_retired_33910402: I got so much homework this year xD

hydroviper: got to go be on later hopefully

Guest_Ashgirl82_retired_26255272: hey sorry I havent been on my fam. comp. went dead so i get on when i can

Guest_AnNaBaNaNa1012_retired_33910402: :( ugh I'm sick....and right before Thanksgiving break! :(

Guest_Ashgirl82_retired_26255272: thank you

Guest_ZackAce01_retired_35664053: Ur sick? Awww. *brings you soup* 8-)

Guest_Ashgirl82_retired_26255272: I hate being sick

Guest_AnNaBaNaNa1012_retired_33910402: im finally backies!

Guest_CharlieAce1_retired_25950732: Is anybody on!!!!!!?????? I'm back and I wanna chat..... :D please?

Guest_Reil12_retired_30309322: zomg.. I am finally back.. >.< Sorry! D:

Guest_AnNaBaNaNa1012_retired_33910402: >.< i bit my tounge and now its bleeding.....grrrr

Guest_Ashgirl82_retired_26255272: awww

Guest_ZackAce01_retired_35664053: I'm board

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