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This group was set up for the fans of NCIS and fans of the new NCIS Los Angles starting this fall. Talk to other fans around the world about the best T.V show

Membership: Open
Group Owner: Guest_CollegeStudent2010_33117395_331173_deleted
Category: Movies & Television
Date Formed: 2009-08-06 15:44:16
Members: 82

The Soapbox

Welcome to the NCIS and NCIS Los Angles offical goup. COme and chat with fans around the world and discuss the latest shows and discuss you thoughts on the spin off of the new NCIS Los Angles

1) Respect your fellow team mates

rules are subject to chage without notice so watch what you say and do

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Holla Board


Guest_KristinFolsom_retired_155389683: i love dekes':)'

Guest_Candy2go_retired_114580950: I enjoy watching NCIS. :)

Guest_zivaDavidncisspecial_101877563_101_deleted: 8 more days! single digits peopel its time to party (: D

Guest_zivaDavidncisspecial_101877563_101_deleted: Duckys ALIVE! :)-D

Guest_ziggy5555_64197840_deleted_64197840: whats up all

XxXCathrynXx: YAY!

Guest_CollegeStudent2010_33117395_331173_deleted: Oh right just 20 days left till The new Primere :)

Guest_CollegeStudent2010_33117395_331173_deleted: Hey everyone the group is getting larger ty for being here.Make sure you send invites to other fa...

XxXCathrynXx: YAY!

Guest_CollegeStudent2010_33117395_331173_deleted: Hey everyone NCIS is comming back soon :)

XxXCathrynXx: Heyy Everyone Whats up??... :)

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