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“If we get enough people we can change IMVU!”

For most new members you won't know what the Free Spin Game or the New Products Page is, but for anyone who's been here a while you know what I'm talking about.

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Group Owner: Keata
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Date Formed: 2010-07-22 21:46:44
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The Soapbox

For those of you who don't know, the Free Spin Game was a way to earn credits back in the day. You could play once every 24 hours and win up to 500 credits! Another easy way was the New Products Page. You could earn 50 credits every 24 hours just by visiting a page! IMVU took these easy credit-earning things down so they could force you to spend your hard earned money on buying credits. IMVU has whored itself out to companies so it can earn money every time you fill out a survey or do a partner offer. They say they'll give you a lot of credits but they usually only end up handing out 10 or none at all. All the while IMVU is raking in the cash. Sure they let you play with a stupid looking dog for free credits every two hours but unless you are online 24 hours a day you get barely anything. I also love how you can pay 30 credits to give it a treat only so you can get 19 back. It's a total scam. If we get enough people to protest I think we can get IMVU to bring back better ways to earn credits. IMVU, stop being so greedy!

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Holla Board


Guest_okkhanodd: plz bring the game back

Guest_okkhanodd: plz bring the game back

Guest_XxXFakeezinXxX: :p

Guest_xXxMaksymekxXx_154162791_retired_154162791: Pls get me 1k credits c:

Guest_valentineskylar_141851251_retired_14185125: bring spin game back

Msleeara_disabled_15710083: Yes i also enjoyed simple ways to earn credits, imvu is all about getting our money not nearly as...

Abominations: Agreed, I used to use it alot back in the day. It's fucked up how IMVU got rid of it tho smh...

CrunkInk: Them being so greedy was why I left for so long.

Guest_redfox180_retired_120134990: imvu was the best thing i love to be on now it's disappointing

Guest_Simplylegit7_retired_108444755: Yes please bring them back your offers are not available in my country :(

Guest_Jeeffiinhoox_retired_113025091: Alguem sabe um jeito de ganhar creditos gratis ? mais facil do que nas pesquisas e sem ser revisa...

Guest_12Girlz_110315734_retired_110315734: Please IMVU please bring it back !!!

Guest_sirSupremeJADENGold_retired_117335517: Bring It Back

Guest_jo412skinny_89510102_retired_89510102: bring back the spin !! :X

Guest_maiteperroni1452000_retired_89114926: please put it back, we need it!!!!

Daviel_disabled_15606572: good to see im not the only one who misses it

Guest_EmyRose69_retired_99532954: bring it backkkkkkkkkkkkk


Evapurate_90796447_retired_90796447: i agreee i miss it ):

WolfCJock: I agree bring it back

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