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A family home where people of all ages can find love and learning, and help each other to travel up the Cross Road to Heaven ~ It doesn't matter where you are, just what direction you're going.

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Group Owner: Sonlit
Category: Religion
Date Formed: 2009-01-11 02:10:31
Members: 3077

The Soapbox

We have recommenced to have Bible Studies. Hope you can come!
There will be two a week, Fridays and Tuesdays, at 7 PM PT until 8 PM PT.
...until further notice... This coming Tuesday night is about Christian lifestyle..

(Sorry about the soapbox - IMVU disappeared it!)

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Sonlit: Thank you, Hun, and welcome to the family! Welcome also to Ariako and Quency (lol)

Ariako: Hello :)

iFreakQuency: Hello Im new here :D - []

IneedAheroHun: i love this so much most people are using this just to date and be rude behind a computer screen

Sonlit: Thanks so much, Cryslyn ~ And thanks for becoming part of the family!

Cryslyn: i love this group :) thank you very much, much love and god blesses you all <3

NeilofSWC: thank you all for bringing me in :) God bless you, i love you

Guest_judyboss: hey new here

xoxFancyFacexox: true change starts within,, be blessed <3

4unice: "(: D" - smiling bouncing smiley

Sonlit: Hey you! Good to see you again! Praise the Father!

PerAdventure: Hi

LadyChar: Greetings and Blessings On This Monday Saints.

Sonlit: April 27, all day ~ Special Meeting at 7 PM

Sonlit: ...Meet some of your CCR family!! seven PM, we will have a celebration meeting.

Sonlit: It's happened!!! We've reached 3000!!!!! Open house this coming Sunday in the Glen!!..

Guest_STONEHEARTLION: Thanks for the invite and I hope it pleases you guys to know that I am a brother in Christ.'...

CHUBIN07: Happy Easter to all! It's my pleasure to join this group, thanks for the invite.

Guest_MaryMargret5: Rejoyce! He is Risen! Jesus is Lord! Shout for joy to the heavens!

Sonlit: As someone said to me today, Happy Resurrection Celebration, All!