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Lots of Contests & an Event, including the Badge Canvas Contest!

Hello Creators,

We have a number of new contests and an event taking place and thought you might find some of them interesting, especially the badge canvas contest.

All contests and the event have rewards.

Please check them out at the listed link and feel free to enter as many as you like!



Shannon Mac, IMVU Senior Community Manager of Customer Care & Education


Regarding Client Build 532.0

Hey Creators, with the client update that was released on 7/20/17, you may have noticed a new section in the Meshes panel called “Texture Morph”. This was added unintentionally and is not a new feature or an upcoming feature - if you attempt to use this feature it won’t do anything. We’re pretty sure you can’t break anything by messing around with it, but we recommend you just leave it alone. When our next build comes out, this will be removed.

We apologize for any confusion this may have caused!



Creators! Now is the time to apply (or re-apply) to be a Featured Creator!

Hey Creators,

Have you seen the Featured Showcase at the top of the Next Shop? Want to know how to get featured there? Get the chance to be highlighted in the Featured Products showcase by becoming a Featured Creator and create IMVU’s next seasonal looks. We are gearing up again to put out the next season’s showcase, so apply for your Featured spot now!

Please send an email to with the following information:

  1. Your avatar name and your customer ID number
  1. What type of clothing you make
  1. A few links to your best products.

(just like this:

  1. Please attach a few images of your recent products that you feel captures who you are as a Creator. (No more than five, please.)

That's it! You will not hear anything back if you are not chosen but may apply again in 3 months. Please double-check that you have included all needed information and your pictures.

Note: We are not yet accepting applications for furniture and room creators. Thank you for your patience.

5/29/2017 is a U.S. Holiday (payouts might be slightly delayed)

The Payouts Team wants to remind our Creators that 5/29/2017 is an official holiday.

As a result, there may be slight delays with payouts though the team will do its best to keep to the Service Level Agreement. 

Thank you.


Hello Creators,

My name is Laura, but you may know me as “Jinx”. I have been a Creator at IMVU for almost 13 years. Twelve years ago, I moved to California to be near IMVU, and for the last 8 months, I have been working with the team in different departments. Recently, my dream job became available and I am pleased to announce that I am now stepping into a new role: “Creator Advocate and Program Manager”. I am truly excited about this role, as it represents what I stand for within the IMVU Creator community, as well as an opportunity to be your advocate.

My job is to connect with the Creator community and serve as an advocate, a liaison, and an educator, to communicate with IMVU employees so that they can better understand the Creator program and all of its details.

I will strive to keep the lines of communication open and flowing. I want to bring us all together and create a better sense of community and sharing. As a first step in that direction, I am setting up the email address, where you can send your ideas and issues. This email will go not just to me, but to multiple employees who have a vested interest in making IMVU an outstanding experience for Creators.

Along those lines, it is my pleasure to announce some big news.

The IMVU team has been working hard on expanding the current capabilities of the Creator Tool. If you’ve even done any meshing, you know that exporting from 3Ds Max (or your program of choice) and importing into the Create tab can be a labor-intensive task. If you don’t have a Cal3D plugin, you aren’t able to export from many of the 3D tools out there. But..what if you could just save a .fbx file and load it directly into Create during the import process? This would not only make things easier for our existing Creators, but it also makes the entire Creator program more accessible to tens of thousands of new 3D creators and animators. This tool is currently in development and is being worked on by a team of engineers and designers as I write this!

Here are the spiffy screenshots:





These are a work in progress, and that is where you, the 3D Creator, come in. If you are experienced with 3D Modeling software and you are interested in being a Beta tester for the new FBX import tool, please send us an email at Tell us a little bit about your 3D modeling/animating experience and what OS and 3D tools you use. We will use this information to reach out to a variety of Creators when the tool is ready for testing.

Let’s make IMVU even more awesome...together!


1042 Update

IMVU had filed for an extension for filing taxes for non-US Creators.

Filing is now complete and the 1042 forms were mailed out today.

Since international mailings can take anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks, please allow at least 2 weeks for receipt.

Thank you.

St. Patrick's Day Contest (ends 3/20/2017)

Share your lucky (GA) St. Patrick's Day photos, stories, and party rooms here in this thread!

What are you hoping to find at the end of the rainbow? Gold? A lucky shamrock? Love? What kinds of green items have you found in the catty lately that you're planning to wear on the lucky day?

Contest guidelines:

**Contest is open starting today through March 20th (we get this is a short contest and wanted to give users the weekend). Prizes will be given out within seven days of closing the contest thread.

** Written entries must be 500 words or less to be considered.

**Your entry must meet our community guidelines and be appropriate for ages 13+ as per those guidelines.

** Pictures are optional but not required. You can link them with Photobucket or a similar service.


2-5 winners will get 5,000 Credits for photos and stories.

2-5 winners will get 10,000 Credits for party rooms set up in the spirit of St. Patrick's Day.

Entries can be submitted here.

DARE TO BE AWESOME (April 1st is IMVU's 13th anniversary!)

April 1st is IMVU's 13th anniversary.

This year our theme is focused on Daring to be Awesome. In honor of the April 1st weekend we are giving our users lots of time to design a Daring to be Awesome room!

What does that mean to you? How does it intermingle with IMVU's 13th anniversary? That's for you to decide because we know you'll do well with the idea!

Some guidelines/rules:

  • Put together a room that fits the appropriate focuses of "Daring to be Awesome" & IMVU's 13th anniversary.
  •  Rooms must be distinguished as AP or GA.
  •  Please include the additional following information: Host(s) name & Room name and link.
  •  IMVU staff and moderators will review the submissions.
  •  Celebrations will take place from March 31st to April 2nd. Staff and moderators may drop into your room to give a greeting!
To submit your room entry you can click here. Because of tech issues you may have to click the link more than once to be taken directly to the event page.
Non USA Resident Creators earning money update (1042 forms)

Update on March 08, 2017

1042 forms for non-US Creators: we are planning to have your forms mailed to you (not emailed) by March 15th, 2017.

We will keep you updated if this changes. Previous information from the legacy forums is linked below with another link leading to the Community discussion about this update.

Note that the digital/E-File Magic references were for the 1099 forms only, not the 1042 forms. Thank you.




YouTube player products no longer work on IMVU Classic

Hello everyone,

As some of you know, YouTube player products have stopped working in Classic IMVU.

This change was caused by Google/YouTube and is therefore out of our control.

Google no longer wishes to support Flash for external players and they are in favor of other avenues like HTML5 or HTML6.

This is a good reminder that any third party tool can include a dependency that is outside the control of IMVU. Creators of these products will have the ability to point their products to other video service providers if they choose.

We are sorry for any conveniences this has caused. We feel your pain. This was a surprise to us, too.